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So why is this in a category all by itself? Well, because how I see soulmates is different than romantic love. Soulmates is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. And not many meet their soulmates, and many do not even realize it if they do. However, romantic love can be temporary. Soulmate love is forever once you find it. I think that is why so many do not find it because our lives are such a fast pace, and people can jump from one romantic love relationship to the next, soulmates tend not to happen, or I have not seen it. But it can happen. There is that one person out there that has an attachment to your soul in a way that no other can. But finding it is something we should never do. I feel that soulmates meet by chance and are never looking for each other. But when they do meet, the love and connection that they share are unbelievable. 

I wish we could all find that soulmate. Maybe we have and do not even know it. Soulmates in itself is a category with parts. It is founded on the connection between two people that tops all others. Soulmate does not necessarily mean that this person who connects to you is for you as a romantic relationship. Your soulmate could be in a best friend. This is also i believe why people do not see it when they meet their soulmate because soulmates are not necessarily romantic in nature. Thoughts?