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Valentine Day

I know today is not Valentine’s day, but it is so close I felt the need to write about it. To many people, this day is spent with your loved ones, whether your partner or with some family and friends. But it is a day to remember how much we have people around us who love us and how much we love them. Although the iconic Valentine’s day is all about romance,  I still like to see it as the day to remind us how much we are loved and who we love in our lives.

However, speaking about romance is right up my alley, which is why this holiday is one I like. You have the iconic romance on this day where the man sends flowers or chocolates or does something hugely romantic. But what I like the most is when a person does something unique to their partner, something they know they would like, something only for them. As romantic as a huge gesture or sending standard flowers or chocolates can be, the most romantic things come from the heart. It is not about doing it because it is Valentine’s day, but doing something out of love. Something as simple as doing chores to help out or taking their partner out for dinner so they do not have to cook, something sweet bought, a personal message, or just snuggling up and enjoying a movie together at home can also be romantic. But that is where you need to know your partner, know what they like and want. It is nice to get them flowers and chocolates, but what if they hate that. The most romantic thing you can do for your partner comes from your heart, and when you look at your partner, do something that will move them. 

So this Valentine’s day, do something for your partner that is special for them. Look into your heart and give your partner something that brings meaning. That is how we show how much we care and tell our partners how much we love them.