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Parts of Love

In life, love is a beautiful thing to have. But something that not everyone knows is that love comes in many forms. But there are three parts to love that we all need in any relationship. The first is commitment. In relationships, there needs to be an amount of commitment for love to grow. It is important for a good relationship to have a sense of commitment. 

The second is intimacy. This is not the sexual part of a relationship but the closeness you have with the other person. Where you can talk about anything and feel comfortable with telling the person anything even your deep dark secrets and trust that they will be there for you, support you and not take it against you. This is key for any relationship, to have trust because it allows two people to root together, forming an unbreakable bond. 

The third is passion. Passion means many different things, from two people not being able to take their hands off each other, to two friends having excitement to go out and do something together. Passion is a part of love because it brings two people together to spend time with each other in a loving fashion. 

Love is important to have in every aspect of your life. So, when you find it, you need to embrace it for you never know when it can be gone.