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When is it ok to not forgive? Well in my mind it is never ok but I also have this romantic idea that when a partner does something wrong they will come to the other and beg for forgiveness.  Yet this is not reality. People do not always ask for forgiveness or even say sorry anymore when they have done something wrong. Instead many of us blame our wrongs on someone or something else. But I would still say to forgive even when no one else knows that you have because it makes you into a better person and you will grow as a person. 

But forgiveness also does not mean you need to stick around to get burned again either. I say give the person. A chance or two, but a change of behaviour is the best indicator of whether or not the person truly cares about you. If they did you wrong and they say sorry over and over again, yet never change the behaviour, then as hard as we all know it can be, maybe better to let the person go. 

I have been in this situation before where my partner never wants to be better, never change for the better and is continuously hurting me never caring about how their actions make me feel. I am always trying to be the best me I can be, I wish that all people would be also. But this is not reality. People sometimes just don’t care. But one thing I do know is that is not just a romantic side of me. When a person truly cares for another they want to be better for them. So a good way to know if someone truly cares about you is when you tell them that they have hurt you or made you feel a certain way or that you didn’t like something they did to you, then because they love you they will do their best to not do it again. The best predictor of someone’s behaviour is their willingness to change for you. I don’t mean that they change who they are as a person but they change bad behaviors as best as they can because they don’t want to lose you. 

What are your thoughts?