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Does it ever happen to you that you feel like dancing? It happens to me sometimes, the music can move you, and all you can do is dance and sing to the melody. Maybe this is not something romantic or something I should write about. Somehow, I feel like writing about dancing. However, it can relate to a person’s attitude. And attitude can relate to attractiveness. When a person is relaxed and dances, they have a fun kind of attitude, and this can bring out the more romantic side of a person. We see it all the time in movies when two people are dancing. How romantic it can be. 

I think when I dance alone, it can also be fun and bring out a playful attitude within me. And when I feel playful, I can relate that to my relationships with everyone around me. I must say that I do not use dancing as much as I can in my writing. Maybe I should try to write a romantic scene between two people while they dance. Now that would be interesting. I do have dancing in my books, but it is more of a behind-the-scenes way. But for my next book, I will give it a go and have a romantic or fun dancing scene. I will see where my writing takes me. 

But for the world out there, dance just a little. Sometimes that is all you need to change your mood. If things are going bad or you have a lot on your mind, put some music on and let the beat make you move and see how this can change your attitude and mindset. We all can use a bit more fun in life.