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Spring in Coming

Spring is just around the corner, making me think of what is coming. The flowers and warmer weather, to surprise snowfalls and rain. What can I say? Spring is the season for new, the season for the cold to go and to bring forth a new generation of flowers and animals. It is where people start new relationships or move into sturdier relationships. It is where weddings are planned, and pregnancies or births are held. It is a good season for all that is new.

It is not my favorite season, but it can have benefits. It is time you can go out more because the weather is not so cold and enjoy time spent with loved ones. We can go on walks and start thinking about picnics. We can begin to bike riding or hiking more if that is what you enjoy. There is so much we can do in any season. But spring is known for the idea of new and rebirth. And this is something that we can use in any relationship. We can have a rebirth in our relationship. Whether it is finding something new or making what you have into something better, romance and love is still in the air of spring. How do you spend your springtime? What things do you do with your loved ones? 

One of my favourite things to do with those I love is to go out on walks. Getting some fresh air and enjoying good conversation is the best way to improve any relationship.