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 Love and Fear

“Give in to love, or live in fear.”


Love is sometimes challenging. Because of our experiences, we can put up walls and fear being in a relationship with someone else. This encourages us to make more mistakes and tends to cause breakups. This often happens when a person suffers from a broken relationship and does not heal properly. Healing is needed when a person wants love in their life. Because without healing, love cannot thrive, which instead creates fear. I do believe in facing my fears and giving in to love. No matter how hard it can be. It will not always be easy to give in to love. Sometimes our pasts can haunt us and make us question whether we should. But nothing is better than being in love. I love to love and will always be an advocate for love. And sometimes, we get hurt even though we allow ourselves to love someone. And that is okay. It is how we learn and find the right person for us. The one to whom we can give all our love, and they will return it back. 

But I hope everyone in this world does not live in fear. A world in fear is not a great world. But live a life of love with everyone, whether family, friends, partners, or strangers on the street or next-door neighbors. Live in love because that will make the world great and a much happier place to be. 

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