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Commitment and Fear

Why is the word commitment a word that people fear? Why do we run? I have found that recently that people are often running from that word. They wish to dip their toes but not fully go head in. and why are they? Because fear is a huge factor in relationships. We all have them. We all fear something will happen. And these fears drive us either through something or away from something. And yes, sometimes our fears help us, but sometimes these fears hinder us. Fears can hold us back and make us lose. In many ways, I think this happens all too often. People allow their fears to drive them instead of letting them be on notice. I am not saying that fears are not reasonable. Fear allows us to see where we need work. Fear will enable us to stay safe. But fears can also hold us back from the best things in the world. And I see this a lot in relationships.

Relationships and fear go hand in hand, for many of us start a new relationship with baggage, with ideas and pains from our past. This creates fears. Such as what if they cheat on me or what if I get attached, and they leave me. These fears can push us back from going into a relationship. 

We cannot allow our fears to be in the driver’s seat regarding relationships and love. We need to take control and keep going. Yes, you may end up in another failed relationship. But you learn, you grow, and your try again. Because if you cannot give your all, you could lose, and the person you lose could be the one you wished you did not let go. So be careful of your past and the fears that it can create. And allow your heart to drive you. Your mind is all well and good. It is good for keeping you safe, not to be blinded in a relationship or tolerate things you should not. But the heart knows more than our mind. For your heart will tell you if the person is worth it. Ultimately, if a person is worth you being with, why are you allowing your fears to keep you from connecting and being with that person? 

I say when you find the right person you believe is worth going the long haul with, give them your all, everything you have. In the end, if the relationship breaks, you do not want to be left with the regret of what if I had done this or that. What if I had allowed that person into my world or if I had let the person into my heart.

I chose never to regret anything and will always put my heart on the line. Is it scary? Yes, always, but I could not know how far I can go if I do not follow my heart. My mind keeps me safe, my heart keeps me in love, and there is no better feeling than love.

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