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Love is a Battlefield?

Why is love so hard? As this iconic song suggests, love is hard. But is it really? I was recently asked if I got butterflies in my stomach or goosebumps when in love or around a specific person. I had to tell them no because that is not love, not to me. It is only what people suggest is love in movies and books. And yes, we can have these emotions before and fall in love with the person. But love is not a moment shared between two people. No, I believe love is moments [ plural ] shared between two people, which creates a stronger bond between the two people, and that is love. Yes we may feel love at first sight, but that in my opinion is not love but attraction. However, this attraction can turn into love. Love is something that grows, not something that just appears. 

Love is more than just the first feeling when you meet someone because those feelings can fade. Love never fades. It only changes with time. Yes, love can change over time. It can grow stronger if nurtured right or slowly push two people away. That would be a blog for another time. But I think love does not have to be complicated. If it is too hard, then people will give up on it. No love should not be hard. Love may not always be easy, but it should have a balance to it. Because yes, we will all face challenges in life, and this can cause it to feel hard to love the person we are with. And sometimes, it just feels effortless, as if there could never be a problem. But this is all how we see life and face the challenges. It is not love that is hard, but the things that happen around us and how we face those things. That is what makes us see love as hard or easy. 

I am a firm believer in love and that everyone has someone out there for them. I believe in connecting and sharing a life with someone that connects with you. But I do not think love should be a battlefield. Yes, we sometimes are upset or face troubles, which is when love is tested. This is where we learn to connect more or not at all. I believe love should be shared and grown between two people. That makes life so much more enjoyable. 

What are your thoughts?

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