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Love for our fellow human

This is also an easy one to understand. It regards how we see each other. When people have love in their hearts for all life, they see humans and creatures in a particular light. However, like in everything, a balance needs to be made. We can over-love life. Funny hearing me say this because you would think that was an impossible task, but how we see life and how we react to life, all life makes a difference in how we treat everything around us. Love is simple yet so complicated, but we must try to find a balance between each kind of love. Balance is the key to life. 

How I love the life around me is by considering each creature as special. That is how I do it. And this translates into my behavior by me caring about every creature around me. I try to understand and live my life with love in my heart. But when I say we can over love life, well, this means that sometimes people will allow what they love to overtake all other parts of their lives, which is what over love means. We must find a balance between what we love and how we love. Yes, some things we will love more than others, but we must give a place for all things, living a life with love in our hearts. And that is what I try to do. How about you?

A side note: my newest book is out for people to read, for those interested. I will be adding it to my website soon. So take a look.