Blog,  Christmas 2022

Need a Little of Christmas Cheer

I need some Christmas cheer, how about you? This year it is a bit different. I feel different. Maybe it is because Christmas is on the weekend, and kids will not get out of school until Christmas eve, or maybe it is the fact that I am still waiting on the snow. Or maybe it is because I have not found that perfect new Christmas decoration? Whatever it is, I feel like I am behind, and Christmas is about two weeks away. Although I have done most of my Christmas shopping, I still do not feel like it is Christmas. I feel the Christmas magic and romance are missing this year or are just late. Maybe I am the only one? 

I have been watching my array of Christmas movies as I do each year and sometimes wish I could enter those movies as beautiful they could be. But life is never a Christmas movie. But it can be just as fun and romantic as one. This week I plan on finding my Christmas spirit, one I seem to have lost somewhere. What do you do when you seem to misplace your Christmas spirit? 

To be fair, this may be the first time I feel a bit lacking. I am the kind of person who always has everything done by the first or almost everything. I like to keep my December first for fun, for the plays and concerts I usually attend. Yet the past two years being stuck and everything closed, I think as good a spirits I was during those years of lockdown because of covid, now I am feeling a bit rusty in all that I like to get done. But do not fear for me. When it comes to this season, my favorite season, I will find romance again. I will say one thing that I have yet to lose: my writing. I have just finished a future book. The Christmas season always inspires me to write a whole book, and I did again this year. 

So I will leave you with a little message: no matter what happens in life, find the romance, in each season, at each holiday, for what is life without a bit of romance.