Blog,  Christmas 2022


November, November, what can I say about this month. Well, in many ways, it is the month that preludes Christmas month. In some countries also the thanksgiving month. However, I see the month in the transitional season from fall to winter. It is where it gets colder, but not so cold we cannot go outside. It is in the month that snow starts falling and where the area that I live in, we are preparing for the best time of year. The Christmas season. It is one of my favorite times of the year. The smells, the movies, the fun, and the romance. I wait all year to have this one moment each year. It is so much fun, from decorating to the music and snow. I plan to make this year great with food, family, and friends. This year I will be featuring Christmas themes blogs as I did in the past, but I will also bring in some of my personal Christmas fun and things I do. Let me know what you do this time of year. It would be fun getting input on all the different things people do this time of year. So I say let us have fun this year. I do think after the years we had, it is time for some real fun again.