Blog,  Christmas 2022


My family has this tradition of baking every Saturday from mid-November to before Christmas. We bake pies and many, many Christmas cookies. The smells and the fellowship are fun and a beautiful tradition. I have come to love this tradition. 

It often makes me wonder about the romance behind cookies. We do not always think making cookies could be a romantic activity with your partner. Baking cookies with your partner, the touching and playfulness that could occur, is a lovely way of connecting with someone. Even if you do not end up throwing flour around or on the floor kissing, you can still create a connection by baking or cooking with your partner. 

I do use this kind of situation in my writing sometimes. Because it allows my characters to form a connection. And there is one thing I love is creating characters that connect or even wish to connect. Make the romance more authentic by using real-life situations with my characters. 

I say to everyone out there we must form connections, creating moments in our lives to form these connections. And one way is by cooking and baking. I say everyone should bake Christmas cookies with their partner at least once a year. Why? Because this is the time of year, the romance is in the air, where love is everywhere, and the beauty of Christmas can shine. This is the most magical time of year and the best kind of romance, in my opinion. I love watching movies and reading about a romance between two people while baking Christmas cookies.

So take out the flour, sugar, and eggs, and have a wonderful romantic moment with your partner. And enjoy the Christmas cookies shared with hot chocolate and some romantic kisses.