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Is Love Important?

I have been asked once what is the point of love if you always have heartbreak afterward. Well, I think love is an important part of life and gives us meaning and enjoyment.  Heartbreak is only one side effect of love. It does not always happen, but to most people, if not all people, we all have suffered through a heartbreak. But what makes the difference is how we deal with the heartbreak. How we deal affects our process and our life. I can get into different ways to deal with heartbreak in another blog. What I want to tackle today is why love? Well, love is vital to our lives to enrich our lives.

Can we live without love? I believe it is somewhat possible but not enjoyable.  What kind of life would you have if you loved no one and no one loved you? A dreary one. A sad one. That is not a life anyone should live in. Love allows people to grow and be kind, and care about others. The more we love, the better this world becomes because less do we wish to fight or battle with others. Love allows us to see life through a different set of glasses that show us how lovely this world can be. So yes, love often comes with heartbreak, but I deem the heartbreak worth the love because it is worth having love in our lives. Thoughts?