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Love worth it?

What about love makes love worth having? Giving our hearts away can lead to them being broken. So why do it? This is something that I think everyone asks themselves at some point in their life. Love can be hard. It is never an easy thing. If love is easy for you, then it is not true love. I say this because we all have our own opinions, and we will have arguments. But when we love someone, these arguments become a mode for conversations, and we decide to change or grow as people because we love our partner enough to want to evolve. But this does not mean you will change and agree with them, just that you have understanding for their side not to make it into an argument. 

I do not know for the rest of the world, but I want love in my life. Because I love love. I am a big romantic at heart. I love all the trials and challenges that come from love. If I did not, I would not write so many books that deal with love. I find it sad that this young society tends to lean towards throwaway love. I do not believe in throwaway love. Love should never be disposable, and it saddens me when I see these young people thinking that it is disposable. But is it really love in the first place? Read my next blog to know my thoughts on disposable love.