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Christmas 2021

As plans are being made for Christmas, I have come across many people who want to go back to how things were, to the old traditions. I have nothing against that. I love old traditions. But I find that after the year we had, it’s time to think a bit different when it comes to, well, about anything, which means about Christmas too. I mean, I love Christmas, all of it, but I find that Christmas is not just about old traditions but also about founding new traditions. 

At my home, every year, I do some traditional things, like putting candy canes on my tree for my kids to steal them and eat them, like I don’t know what they are doing, lol. But every year, I also do something new, incorporate a new recipe, buy a new decoration. 

After this year that we had, we need to yes hold onto the old traditions, but also incorporate new ones because life is changing and sometimes old just don’t work anymore. So I ask everyone, what is the most important in life? Keeping up with the old? Doing only what is new? Or maybe this year we should take a look around us and see how beautiful the old is and how nice the new can be and find a way to mash things up so that we can enjoy this time of year and each other. Because what is the most valuable thing about Christmas? I say it’s the human connection. And since we have been disconnected so much this past year, I think we need to find new ways and connect again because life would be boring if we only had ourselves in it. 

So I say find something new and something old and make this year a Christmas to remember. I think we need it after the year we had.