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We all kiss, whether with our partner or another loved one, kissing is how we show how we feel toward another person. We all do it, whether it is love or fondness or just plain liking another. It does not matter your background, culture, or religion. We all kiss. A kiss is a sign of friendship and love toward the other. Now different kinds of kisses create certain feelings we would have with certain people. Such as we would not French kiss our grandmother. But each type of kiss creates a feeling of love and fondness. 

In the world we live in today, it is clear that we take certain things for granted, but one thing that we can never see differently is how kissing plays a massive part in everyone’s lives. Maybe kissing does not play much of a role in your life. I can say that, in some form or fashion, it does play a role. Kissing is a huge part of life, and it brings us a small amount of joy when a person kisses us, whether it is from a family, a friend, or a partner. Kissing is vital in how we see the world around us. 

Although the way and reasons for kissing can change around the world, depending on our background, the fact remains that kissing is a huge part of everyone’s life. People can have preferences when it comes to kissing, such as in some cultures kissing on the cheek is accepted by family and friends and in other cultures, it is found to be weird or not something they do. Some may have more boundaries when kissing, and others may not. But at the end of the day, we all kiss someone at some point, and it always has a good feeling attached to it. We do not kiss someone for no reason at all, and in life, we should find the small things that can help encourage more happiness within our lives. And kissing is a great way to promote joy. Although I will not say go out and kiss everyone, there must be a link for the kiss to mean anything. But we should kiss our loved ones as much as possible and appropriately because it allows that other person to feel appreciated and loved. The way I see it is that kissing someone is not for us. It is for the other person that we are kissing, so let us spread joy by showing our loved ones how much we care for them.