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A Standstill?

Sometimes, in life, I feel like I am at a standstill. I do not know why, but I wonder, am I doing what I should be doing? In relationships, we can often meet this kind of standstill. I do believe in working on things, but there is a point where we must make a decision. Is this person the right one for us? Should we cut them loose or work on things? This is where we end up at a standstill. So, how do we decide to push forward or let go? I think we all have different ideas on how to approach this question. When dealing with love and knowing how hurt me and my partner could be, I like to look at how to fix it first. I like seeing if changes can be made and things could improve before letting my partner go. I do believe in talking things out first. What happens after that depends on what the partner does. 

Sometimes, talking things out can be scary because we do not know how our partners will act, and they could always break up with us. But in the end, it is better that they break up than we keep something inside to fester, which is way more dangerous for ourselves. And if your partner breaks up with you because of something you need to address, that person was not really mean to you, which means there is a better one out there waiting for you. So do not stay at a standstill. Address what needs to be addressed. That is the healthier way for every relationship.