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Romantic comedies

I love to watch romance movies, especially comedies, in my off time. Why? Because in today’s world, love is not perfect. Love can be messy and funny, which is portrayed in these movies all the time. You can find a lot of truth when watching a movie because, like in books, people always portray a certain reality of life in movies. Sometimes romantic comedies show us a lighter side to love, and that love can be found in any opportunity. These kinds of movies want to create a sense of love that can happen anywhere, which I believe is true. Romantic comedies help us believe that love is possible. This I find essential because we need to believe that we can find love.  

Finding love is never easy, but it can happen over time, just like it can happen like a lightning bolt. Love can even be found when no one is looking as much as if you are looking for it. Sometimes love hits you in the face, and other times it is grown between two people. Love is a funny thing because it can happen anytime, whether you are looking for it or not. It can come fast or slow. Love can be intense or not. But love is a part of life, and it is the part that makes life worth living. And the best part of love is its journey, which makes life an adventure that you never know the ending to. 

So romantic comedies may be tacky and cliché, but I love them because of the sense of love that can happen and where watching the journey at any time and with any person makes watching the journey fun and inspiring. Thoughts?