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Love stories

“Some love stories aren’t epic novels. Some are short stories, but that doesn’t make them any less filled with love.

Sex and the City

I love this quote because it rings very accurately. Some stories are short, some are long, but what makes a love story great is not the length but that it is a personal story. Everyone has a love story, and it has meaning behind it. Even if it is a simple story of you met online or met through friends, it is still a great story because it is all about how two people come together in love and find each other. No one should be sad at how they found their person, their love. And each story we get throughout our lives, all the times we fell into love, makes our journey through life and what makes the most remarkable story of all, our journey. 

I like to think that love in every form is the greatest treasure in the world. Love for family, for children, for that special person in your life, all should be treasured by us every day. Love is what mends fights and gives us motivation in life. But we need to look at all we have that we love, all the people in our lives because each person has their journey to live, which means many different kinds of love stories to tell. 

Even I have love stories, all different and beautiful in their own way. Like each of my children’s births are a love story. How I met certain people in my life, all love stories. All these love stories, big or small, make up my life and are filled with love, which makes the story great in each their own way.

Let me know your love story.