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Lucky in Love

I know that not everyone is lucky with love. And I feel that sometimes it can cause a person to become down on themselves. I think when a person feels that they are not lucky with love, this is when they need to take a good hard look at themselves. I am not saying something is wrong with the person, but maybe just maybe, something needs to be worked on so that love can come and stay. 

Many times I heard people tell me about how love is just not a thing anymore, for they cannot seem to hold onto it any. But I say it is not because you cannot hold onto it that love does not exist, that you cannot find that one person who would go to the moon for you. No, that love is always resent and around, but how can you see something you become blind to? This is what I believe becomes the problem. People are cynical. They do not believe in love anymore because of their bad experience. And this is what needs to be repaired. People need to work on themselves and not be cynical about love. I see it so many times, over and over again. If only those people could see things like I do, they would find that love they truly desire. It is out there, but we blind ourselves with traumas, which blocks us from truly finding the love we want. 

Yes, true love exists. Yes, you can find someone who will go throw life with you. But for that to happen, you must be passed all traumas and other relationships, which I firmly believe people do not know how to do.