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Its a Cop-out

Honesty is overrated. Whoever says that does not understand the value of being honest. But yet, people are not even honest with themselves because of fear. Fear of hurting others, fear of being discovered, fear of commitment, etc. But honesty is of the utmost importance when it comes to a healthy and loving relationship. Yes, different aspects are fundamental in a relationship, such as communication, patience, understanding, etc. Yet, honesty is a driving force behind any element of a healthy relationship and love. Honesty is what makes all other aspects work because without honesty, having good communication skills does not count. Or being understanding cannot work because you are being understanding of something dishonest.

One thing that I find most horrible is when a person uses a cop-out instead of being honest. In relationships, we do this most often because we do not wish to hurt the other, or maybe we do not know ourselves. And sadly, people cannot be honest in the most profound relationships, such as love. If you truly love someone, you would be completely honest with them. Yet so many are not. And when it comes time to end a relationship, if you are unsure, just say it. Stop saying things that are not the complete truth. It is unfair to the person you have been with for whatever time. If you do not wish to be with them anymore or figured that you fell out of love with them, or maybe it is because you are scared that they will bail first and need to do it or that you fear commitment, just say it. The truth may hurt, but a cop-out is far worse. Stop saying things as if it is me, not you. That is dishonest. Stop saying you need to work more on yourself. That is dishonest. It is misleading and not a complete truth. And it leaves the other person standing there wondering what just happened. That is unfair and not right. Just say the truth, whatever it is. 

Let us stop with the cop-outs in relationships, and try to be honest and vulnerable to find the right person for us.