Love and like

I have recently watched something online about love and like. That love is not all needed in a relationship, but you also need to like a person. As much as I can see how this can be seen, my thoughts are quite different. 

I believe that true love conquerors all. I believe in that, and while some may see my belief as a fairy tale, I know that some can say that they know it is true, for they have lived it. So if two people can have true love, why can’t we all find it? Because sometimes, our minds and heart are conflicted, which causes us to be with the wrong people. And with true love comes like because you cannot have true love if you do not like the person. I can’t entirely agree with the statement that you need to like the person because you cannot truly love someone if you don’t like them first. 

So why does this statement ring true sometimes? Because what happens is people get into partnerships thinking that this is the one, but it is one-directional. Love needs to be felt both ways. Also, sometimes a person thinks they are in love when it is just lust, which I talk about the differences between love and lust in my previous blogs. It is so important to recognize the differences.

There is no reason for us not to be in lust. It is okay to lust after someone. But we need to recognize this within ourselves and make sure that the other person is on the same page. So many times, I have seen people who fall in love with their partner when their partner only is in lust. This is where you have to like a person. Because with lust, you do not need to like a person.

And I know this may come as a hard truth to some people. Still, all those who have been through one-sided relationships like me can agree that this is the reason why the statement that you do not need love but like to hold a relationship together can sound true. Yet, the truth is that you need true love, which is two-directional because true love comes with liking the person. And lust tends to sneak up on people and does not need like.

This does not mean that sometimes if you love a person, this person will not annoy you. Or that on some days you may not like them. But when there is true love, the person can overlook the moments of annoyance and dislike because true love can overcome anything. I will never not believe that. The issue is to find true love, which is always two-direction.