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It has been a while

It has been a while since my last blog. Summer tends to keep me entirely occupied. When you have a big family like mine, you tend to have a busy summer because everyone is off for the summer. But that does not mean we should not take time for ourselves. One thing that I do know is that love is essential, and the most important love is the love of yourself. You cannot truly be in love if you cannot love yourself. And I know that not everyone will agree with this statement, which is okay. But in my experience, a person who hates themselves tends to use love as a crunch. It is not that they are in love but believe that love is what keeps them alive or love is all they have left, which is a false sense of reality. But when a person sees love in a skewed way, they love in a skewed way, which is not true love.

For me, I am in search of true love. The kind of love that a person knows will last a lifetime. The kind of love that works on a give-and-take system. A kind of love that makes the other person do things just because, without excuses or complaints. That is what I am looking for and what I wish everyone finds. I know love is real and out there. We only need to look and find it.

We need to believe and watch and find, love is out there.