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How do we know we are falling in love?

I have researched and found some ways we can know if we fall in love with someone. In my following few blogs, I will look at different ways a character could know they are falling in love. And as a writer, these concepts help me develop my plot in my book because I can use these ways one or more than one to showcase the character and how they are falling in love with another character. 

The first method I am looking at is that the best of yourself comes out when you are around the person. You know you are falling in love if when you are around that person, you feel like you are beautiful, inside and out. When writing a character falling in love, I can use this concept in how they may change a specific behavior because they are around the other character they are in love with. An example: a man who is always thinking about themselves when in love may begin to think about that person they are in love with more than themselves and want to help their loved one instead of doing what pleases them. Such as, they may hate lovey-dovey movies yet see one because the person they are falling in love wants to see one. 

Love is funny, and falling in love makes you want to be the best you can be, even if it means changing certain things about yourself. However, we must realize that this concept has a negative aspect. It is okay to change and grow as a person, but not to change into someone we are not. When falling in love, the key is to be our best without changing into someone we are not.