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One of the essential kinds of love out there is self-love. Why is this important? Because without the base of self-love, all other loves can’t truly exist. What do I mean by this? Self-love is our guide to how we love others in all other forms. So if we have poor self-love, we have poor other forms of love. Loving yourself is the secret to the greatest love of all. It is where love starts and can grow into family love, romantic love, and loving others. It is the foundation to love. How we see ourselves is how we see others. How we treat ourselves is how we treat others. It all starts with us. 

I have a firm belief that knowledge, the right kind of knowledge, is key to the world and our lives. Love is a vital aspect of life all parts of life. Understanding what love is and all parts of love, as well as kinds of love, allows us to have a better understanding of others and ourselves.   

Now can there be to bad side to loving oneself? Yes. Like in everything, too much of anything can result in something terrible. When we love ourselves too much, meaning we think of ourselves above all others, this would be too much self-love, although I would agree that it’s not true self-love. True self-love has balance like everything in our lives does. We need to figure out what perfect balance we need. Thoughts?