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To fight or not to fight

In today’s world, fighting seems to be a natural response to many [people. People get angry and fight. People want things and fight. But this is not what love is about. Love is releasing the anger and seeing the other side. Love is about compromises and giving. It is about giving yourself to another regardless of what they say or do. 

A famous saying is to make love and not war. People may see this saying as being sexual instead of going to war and killing people. I see it differently. I like to take this saying apart just a bit. Making love for me means using love as a tool instead of anger. When we use love and love others, we tend not to respond angrily. That is the key here. When confronted by situations, respond in love and not anger. This is how I see the saying. 

Suppose we would all look at people with loving eyes instead of annoyance or what we can get from the person, our whole attitude and behavior changes. Just look at how behavior changes when a mother is angry at her children or having fun with her child. The behavior is entirely different in each scenario. 

Yes, we all get angry or upset at things or people. That is just a human emotion and okay to have. But the difference is how we use that emotion and how it reflects our behavior. We can either allow the anger to consume us or deal with our emotions and behave out of love instead.