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Sharing the season of fall

I love the fall. I find it very inspiring in my writing. Because we can do so many things in the fall. I love this fall season, the holidays, and the spices. The air is crisp, and fun outdoor activities, like apple picking, comes to mind. The smells of everyone cooking all the fall foods. I love the fall. 

So much to this time of year, as leaves turn colors and we end an old year. This is the time of year to see the beauty that the world has to offer to us. This is the time to enjoy what we have, to look at what the year has been and how we can change or do it in the following years. And what better way to enjoy this time of year than to go out on a drive. This is a very romantic thing to do with someone you love. To drive out in the country and see all the beauty the earth has to offer us. Or go out on a hike in the woods and watch all the colors of this season. 

Romance can be found in any season and in any place or time, but I love fall the most because the earth’s beauty shows us how much love the earth has for us. Beauty is something to marvel at, just like when we fall in love. It is a wonderful feeling. So let us share this season with those we love. Go out and enjoy the crisp air and beauty that this world offers us together, take a road trip or go hiking. Once out in the country watching all this beauty, we are reminded how precious life is and how much we should enjoy each moment.