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It’s Fall

As I look outside today, I see the beauty of the fall season. I love the fall and how romantic it can be to walk under colorful trees. All the bright reds, yellows, oranges, the smells and spices of this time of year. Knowing that Halloween and Christmas are on their way. For me, this is my favorite season and the most romantic time of year. Where it is not too cold outside for walks and outside activities. Yet chilly enough at night to want to cuddle up against your love with hot cocoa and a blanket. 

Just taking a moment

Where I live, we celebrate Thanksgiving. As much as I am grateful for so many things, I wanted to take a moment to say thanks. This may not be what I usually write, but I believe being thankful allows us to see people differently. With the world as it is, I think we need to be grateful for all we have and hope. Hope that the world can get better, hope that people can become better, and hope that no matter what happens, good is always around the corner.

Fall is all about hope. It is a season that inspires people to see hope for the future. As the trees and earth prepare for winter, we hope to survive and return to spring and summer.