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Last week I forgot my blob, not because I did not wish to do it, but because of Halloween and my children being quite excited and having so much to do. So I apologize for skipping a blog.

To think about it, Halloween is not really a holiday that I care for too much because it is all about scaring people. And I am all about love. However, in even the worst moments, I can see that there can be some fun and romance in it.

And with this in mind, I can think up one scenario that can make a very romantic setting. That is when two people meet at a Halloween party, all dressed up, not knowing who each other is. They can enjoy the whole night together, never knowing who is under the mask. And then, once it is revealed, what happens? Do these two people who had so much in common, who liked each other, continue, or does what they see change things? 

This makes me wonder how strong love can be to fall for a person with a mask on, and then once that mask is taken off, the love is still shared. It is one of the most powerful things that could happen between two people to share such a moment of closeness, and the reveal does not interrupt it. 

What are your thoughts about love in the blind?