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The Moment

When it comes to romance, one of the best moments in any romance novel is that moment of the declaration of love. Whether it be offhandedly said or said in a rage or if it was planned in a romantic setting, that moment is one of the reasons I know I read romance novels and write them. I love coming up with unique and exciting yet realistic ways for the moment to happen in a book. 

Although in real life, sometimes it happens on the spur of the moment. In life that moment is a huge moment between two people. And sometimes it comes out in ways that make it memorable. I love thinking up ways that two people could tell each other that they love each other, but it always has to fit the situation. 

In one of my books, I have one person angry at the other that they do not immediately hear the declaration of love toward them. Another book I have written in a romantic setting. When this happens, it depends on the two people and how they play off with each other. 

In my life, I have not had that moment often, for it happened only twice in my life. One time it was said too quickly and was not romantic or memorable. It was not a moment to be remembered. The other time I had that special moment, it was a moment to remember. It was special and beautiful. Since this moment can be different per person and personality, I also like to portray that in my writing. However, I always prefer to write something special. That moment is meant to be special and remembered. And that is how I like to write. Even though it may not always be in real life, I believe that for those who find true love, that moment is always special.

Let me know your special moments. I would love to hear them.