In the world of defining love and lust, trust becomes a huge factor. Because with lust it can be complicated, but with love, it is not. Love and trust go hand in hand. When you truly love someone you have a level of trust in them, which allows you to let go of things you hide to yourself and your true self and reflect out. This is what love does. It allows for two people to completely show their true selves and be vulnerable with each other.

As for lust, lust is deceiving and yes one person may have a certain level of trust with another, but when lust is involved, pain tends to follow. This means that with lust trust will either not be given or it will be broken. Trust is such a fragile thing and so easily broken. But as when love is involved, you try your best never to break this trust with the loved one. However, when it is lust, there is less amount of caring on whether or not you break the trust. Lust does not care to keep trust. Lust does not care about anything but the person’s gratification. However, lust is very deceiving and many may not even see that they are being ruled by lust instead of actual love.

Take this scenario: two people who believe they love each other. If another person comes into the mix, can they detour one of the two people who claim to be in love? If they can, it is not true love that the person feels for the other but lust because if they truly loved the other, no amount of other people, no matter how beautiful or handsome those others can be, could make the person detour because they would not desire to ever break the trust of their loved person.

Take the saying love is blind, but with a little tweak. I do agree that love is blind. But I also believe that love creates blinders, which means when you truly love your partner, no one can make you look or move away from what you have. And that is true love.