Joy and love

Joy is a big factor in everyone’s life. People want to have joy, yet sometimes joy can be lacking in our life. True love that is between two people brings joy. The key to this joy is to have true love and to have it go in both directions. Sometimes joy is not there because one of the two people is not in it for love but lust. Lust brings in temporary happiness, but cannot bring joy for lust leaves a person empty.

Now what comes to my mind is the difference between happiness and joy. Yes in many ways these are two words that have many similarities but are very much different. Happiness is created by something physical, such as doing something fun or acquiring a gift. Happiness is an emotion that can come and go throughout a person’s life. But joy is a state of being. Joy is more spiritual that can come from being grateful for what a person has already instead of what they get in the moment. This is why true love you can find joy because true love is forever and when shared between two people it can bring joy.