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My Newest Novel

In the next couple of hours to days, I have another book that will be accessible for purchase for those who are interested. I know I took a long break in not writing, but I am back and will concentrate on my books and doing some new and exciting things. I hope you enjoy my latest addition to the Olivia Shepard collection. Here is a little teaser to my newest book, Golden Beauty.

After a great tragedy, Lady Annabel and her sister were left with no parents and under the care of an evil man. After two years of suffering, they manage to escape, and Annabel is dead set on never returning, even if it means working as a servant for the rest of her life. She does not care as long as her sister stays safe. This means no one must know who they are.

Terrence has many secrets that he keeps from almost everyone, yet the one thing that he does not want is a wife. Yet this mystery woman comes into his life like a fallen angel, and all he wants is to get her in his bed. Unknown to him what complications come with this woman he will have to face.

Life will never again be the same for either of them.