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My Love of Writing

I am currently working on my next book, Simply You. I find it fun and interesting when I write a book, and I start with one idea in mind, but it changes as my book progresses. I love how my characters develop as I write. Makes my characters seem like they could have been real. Sometimes an evil character that I have imagined would end up one way or another, tends to learn and change and, in the end, is not the genuine bad guy of the story. I love writing because there is no end to the possibilities of what could happen. Whether one character is a bad guy or is just along for the ride. Whether a character changes and becomes a better person or goes the route of evil. There is no end to possibilities because there is no end to personalities and people’s possible development. But I find that when I am writing, the journey that I get from writing is the best part of all. It is like I am reading. You never know what to expect until you reach the book’s end. 

I love reading as much as I do writing stories. Because each time we pick up a book, it is like going on a journey with someone. And it is my job as a writer to ensure that my stories take a person on a good journey. I hope that everyone loves my next book. If you have yet to read one of my books, you can pick them up any time. They are accessible on my website.