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Is Love Gone?

I was watching a clip of someone speaking, and they said that nowadays, with how people look at relationships, that love seems almost gone from relationships. I have to disagree with this. I think people fail to understand the differences between love and lust and do not understand relationships. Yes, we all have standards. That is a normal part of knowing what we want and what would fit us best. But love does not go by rules and regulations. Love comes and grows, and that small connection turns into a bigger one. I think people need to realize that this world may revolve around money and sex, but we do not have to let that guide us. Someone who says love is dead does not know much about life. Someone who says people need this, that arranged marriages are loveless, or that lust is all there is clearly does not understand love. Anyone who thinks they fall in love repeatedly because they are attracted to another does not understand what love is. Love is not gone. It is only hiding for those who genuinely seek it. 

As a romance author, I find my books revolve around love, true love. I like to see this in a different picture and put this idea, this concept, into my writing. I love love and believe it is the most important thing a person should have in their life. Because what is life without love? Love motivates us, moves us to improve, and allows us to grow and learn. There is nothing better than love in this world. And I wish everyone experiences love in their life because, without it, we become cold and hard creatures. So enjoy life and look for love, not lust.