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Love Grows

I am in the middle of writing a new book and I love writing the parts where the person has realized how much they love the person they are with. Sometimes in life we are around the right person yet we do not see it. Or even at times we think this person is this or that, we do not know the potential and the love is hidden deep inside us. Not everyone can be up front and know that they have found their person right away. Sometimes it takes time to realize who we have around us. And sometimes we become friends and that shared love grows between two people. There are so many possibilities of how love can come to a person. And I do know that sometimes people believe in love at first sight. I think that is misleading at times. Yes, love can happen at first sight, but it does not happen to everyone. This is where it is misleading. Love can happen in the most awkward situations and at any time. Love can be something that grows between two people who start as friends. Love can be this love at first sight, and love can come from hatred in a way. Two people can hate each other yet this hatred is false and burning deep inside them is love which they wish to keep buried. This does make good books to write and I cannot wait to share my newest book with the world. 

I will not say that I do not believe in love at first sight, but I do think that sometimes love at first sight can be misleading. Misleading because it is not how it works for everyone and deceptive because it can be falsified lust making you think it is love. I say love grows. If you find that someone you believe is love, then watch and pay attention. If that love grows then you have found your person.