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One More Book Done

I love when I have finished a book. It makes me feel so accomplished that one more story comes from me. I love writing. It makes me feel good when I have another book finished. I do not know what it is, but I love sharing my work with the world, which means finishing books. I am sure we all have something that we love to do and feel accomplished in doing. For me, it is in my writing. I love stories, incredibly romantic stories. When a man and woman meet, how they react and their love story. Sometimes they find each other in the worst of situations and have to figure a way out. And the best part is how they realize that they love each other. I find it is the journey that I write that makes the book. And I love reading about the journey and writing about it even more. Makes you believe in the impossible, in love, and what could be for anyone. My stories give you a take on something that could have been real at some point in history. And I like thinking about all the possibilities. I say, do not read romance because you know the ending, but read it because the journey matters and makes the book fun.