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Family love

This is the kind of love that a mother has for her daughter or how there is love between siblings. Love for the family can be one-directional, which is sad but happens. But the best is when the love is shared between each family member. When there is love between family members, it means that no matter what, they are there for you. It is the kind of love that endures a great deal, but there is not much that can bring it back once it is severed. The love that is family love is strong but not unbeatable.  I find it is one of the strongest kinds of love out there. Because no one has your back like your family, but once that bond is cut, putting it back together is the hardest thing to do. Unlike other kinds of love that can come and go and return, family love we are entrusted from the beginning, and when that is broken, there is nothing that can completely put it back together. So I say be careful,  care about your family because you will only have one, and once that is gone, you can never get it back. So love your family like you want to be loved.