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Love Means Liking at Your Worst

Love does mean liking the other person even if they are at their worst. This means when they are down and out of luck when they are themselves, they take away all the filters or makeup that creates a better version of themselves. Love means they are there if the person is going through a sad moment or when they are angry. Love means sharing our true selves with each other and liking each moment.

Love means having the patience to understand and caring enough to communicate when things are wrong. Yes, there will be challenging moments. Yes, there will be times that you will not like certain things with your partner. But love means overlooking these things because you care so deeply that you can forgive mistakes. Love means wanting to change for the other because you want something to work out. 

This is where I think people go wrong. People see the worst of one another and bail out of a relationship. However, this is not love. People say I love you, but I cannot be with you. That is not true love between two partners going both ways. A person who says they love you yet does something to hurt you does not truly love you. Seeing so many people quit relationships because of minor things is sad. When I hear that a couple split because they forgot how to be with each other, I think, where was the communication? When I hear of a couple splitting because they got used to each other always being away and suddenly having to spend time with each other, it is sad. I believe in communication and in work when it comes to a relationship. Yes, there are exceptions, but we should look at what we can do if we can do something and go from there. People are for what is easy instead of work. And liking your partner at their worst means work. It is not always easy, but it is always worth it.