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Relationships have their ups and downs, yet I find that people see relationships as disposable in today’s world. Maybe that is just me, but in all those I have encountered and read about real people, there seem to be two kinds of people. Those willing to put effort into the relationship and those who bail out without effort. Many people think marriage is just a party. If it does not work out, they can divorce and start again. 

What happened to the love forever aspect? Is this just a concept that is lost? Or is it just something we only read about now? I do not believe the idea is lost or that finding the right person in your life is impossible. I believe in forever, which means sometimes we must put in the effort. That is how relationships work. Nothing is given to us easily. Anything worth having needs effort. I genuinely believe this. The problem is that people are too quick to be in a relationship that may not be right. Fear tends to lead people, and this needs to change. For a person to find the right one, they need to not fear being alone, not fear saying no, not fear telling someone that something is wrong, not fear having standards and stating them, and not fear leaving the wrong person. The right person will not be shy or get angry at who you are and what you will or will not accept. When we find the right person to be with, we want to be our best selves, which means we want to change for our betterment. 

However, people will still argue. This is human nature. No two people are the same or think the same. We all will disagree with someone that we care about. But we do not have to allow our arguments to define us or our relationships. Sometimes, an apology is always needed if the argument gets out of hand. We are forgiving creatures at heart. I do believe that. For in all the creatures in this world, we have the capacity to forgive when it truly matters.  

For now, I will keep writing about the beauty of love and romance and hope that my stories bring out the love in this world.