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Communication or Lack of?

I am finding that people are so quick to quit a relationship these days. This is not a rule, but I do find that many of my friends tend to be fast at quitting instead of working things out. And I find this very sad. I believe that sometimes we have no choice in leaving a relationship. But what happened to communication before leaving? I am seeing a lack of communication these days. Because of online dating and the world we are becoming, people can be more fake or misrepresent who they truly are. This, in turn, creates a lot of fakeness and encourages people to not communicate with each other about these things. A picture is just a picture and does not make the person. But how does that other person know this if there is no communication or proper communication with the other person? I think we need to start being ourselves and begin to learn how to communicate with each other. It means that when there is an issue, we talk about it. We do not fight or run. We discuss. Why is this such a complex concept to understand? We all have different perceptions, ideas and opinions, but we can efficiently translate these to others. The most essential thing in life is proper communication in relationships. No matter the kind of relationship you have, communication is what makes or breaks a relationship. So let us learn how to be more efficient in communicating with each other.