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Love and Balance

Love is a complex term. Each person can see this term in different ways. How can we understand a term that has multiple ideas and definitions? I know that we all have ways of seeing things. We all perceive things differently. Some will say you change for a loved one, and some will say you are accepted as who you are. I say that there is a balance of both. I believe that in some aspects if the person is meant to be, they will not change who you are as a person, yet will also want to push you to become your best self. This is how I know love, true love is there. Life is all about finding a balance, and this also is with love. We all need to find what love we need and find the right person who will want the best self to shine yet still allow you to shine as you. In my book, that is the best kind of love in the world that anyone can have. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.