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What we do for Love!

In my experience, people tend to do almost anything for love. They endure many hardships and would go far beyond things they should, just for love. Yet now I see that in certain things, this can be the wrong way of doing things. Yes, we should do anything for the one we love. But it has to be a two-way street. This is what makes a difference. In my book, I always portray people doing extreme things for one another. But I find that in real life, only one person is often willing to go to an extreme more than the other. I think the key here is that both sides must be willing to do anything for love. That is what makes love so wonderful. The willingness to do anything for each other. As well as each partner being there to stop the other from going too far. In my books, I like to portray this concept. Although in my books, sometimes it is harder to prevent another from making a big mistake. But I like to write characters with big personalities. But the central concept of doing anything for love is in my books. 

I love the idea of someone wanting to go to the ends of the earth for me, even if that is not something in reality. The idea that the person would care for me so much that they would be willing to do anything for me is exciting. But it is not always reality. When I love someone, I love hard and am willing to do almost anything for them. Yet I know not to do it because most people do not return this same feeling. However, I will still write about love this way because it makes love so great. Thoughts?