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What am I working on now?

I am currently working on two novels, one in the 1800s and one more nowadays. I find it fascinating how much there can be such a massive difference in writing and how some things are the same. The things that can be different are how people talk about what they were and what they used. Such as, we have cell phones now, as, in the 1800s, they did not. But some things are always the same.

Love is universal and always present. That is one thing that I love about what I write. Love is a constant. Whether you have a cell phone or not, whether you wear fancy dresses or not, love can always find its way into the hearts of anyone. 

I like the differences in how we approach love or even how love comes our way. Take our world today, with people not always leaving their houses any more or not as much as before, how can we find love. Well, there are dating apps and places online where we can find other people and make connections. I find this an exciting thing because, in many ways, this is taking an old concept and fitting it to fit our society today. The old concept is arranged marriages. Although it is not the same, I find the online method of dating a close relation to arrange marriages because online dating is not knowing a person by face at first. This concept of not meeting a person fully in person first is similar to arranged marriages because often, the two people would learn about the other but never meet. However, they would meet when it was time to marry, which is different from online dating, where we may meet a couple of times first. However, it is a close relationship, and often people do end up married by meeting the person online. It is an arranged marriage with a twist. You get to pick the person, chat with them, and eventually meet them. 

Online dating is the new method of finding your person, and I do not foresee this method leaving our society anytime soon. I believe it will become even more of a place to meet people and find connections. What are your thoughts?