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Falling in love

I write a lot about romance and just finished writing a book recently, yet it accrued to me that in all my writings, I have not once looked at how a person would know that they are in love. Falling in love is a different experience for each person. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes it is quick. Sometimes the character falls in love and does not even realize it, and sometimes, they know it from the beginning. And I write my books with this in mind. Each story is different, just like each character is. I find it interesting to see the different possibilities that a story can take. And I like it to feel real, and therefore I write with what could really happen in mind. Yes, we all fall in love differently, but that journey that takes you there is what I love the most about writing romance.

Love is a beautiful thing that everyone should embrace. But how do we know if we are falling in love with a person? Something that I will be talking about in the following few blogs.