Blog,  Blogs 2023


The very essential part of spring is the flowers. I do love seeing the flowers bloom everywhere I go. My favourites are daisies, but I also love lilac and tulips. All flowers are great to see. But I am more partial to those we see that are not the usual flowers we see. And when it comes to giving me flowers, I like the person to think outside of the box. Do not give me roses or carnations, something you see everywhere. I much prefer something different or one of my favourites. 

Flowers can be very romantic as well. If your partner gives you something you like, it can show them how much they care. I have nothing against getting flowers, although I find the best gifts come from the heart. And once in a while, giving a flower can give a smile to the other person, which is the best thing you can do for anyone. So go out and share, give because you love them, give because you care, and give because you want to see a smile on their face. 

Enjoy the spring while it is here.