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Easter is coming, and even though it is not seen as the most romantic holiday, it can be a holiday to share with family, friends, and your partner. Starting some spring activities, such as picnics and walks outside, can be fun. Some of these activities can be romantic, such as a picnic in the park. Easter is also full of colour. This means taking out our summer and spring clothes and wearing more colours. Easter is also the time for flowers, and what is not more fun than to get some flowers from a loved one. And we cannot forget the chocolate. My favourite is dark chocolate, especially coffee beans or almonds covered in dark chocolate, but everyone has favourites. I would think you know your partner enough to get them their favourites. And that is all it’s about. Showing that person, you care about how much you actually care. Because the best gift someone can get is from the heart, which entails knowing the person you are giving to. So go out and find out what your partner loves, flowers, chocolate, or maybe a picnic, whatever it is, have fun and enjoy these moments with your partner. Because that is what a holiday is for.

Easter has a lot of possibilities for being fun and romantic. We must look at what we can do and share these moments with those we love.