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Celebrate What We Have

I was watching something interesting about how we perceive women and men. Today, it spoke about relationships and how much people fall prey to not having long-lasting good relationships. I find it very interesting today that people can bounce from one person to the next, always thinking that maybe there is something better, perhaps I can find something more. We live in a world of looking at the neighbor’s and wanting what they have instead of enjoying what we do have. You can never be truly happy if you are always looking for the next new thing or wanting more. We must start looking at what we have and be thankful for everything we do. We live in a world that has so much. We should be happy to have all that we do. 

This also returns to our relationships. If we always think we can do better, we never appreciate what we have. I have found that with this mentality, we tend to lose out on relationships that were good in the first place. How many people break up with the belief they can do better only to regret what they lost? 

I am all about love, but love lasts. It does not go see what the next-door neighbor has. Love means only seeing what you have and working on what you have. I think people fail to realize that if we love someone, we work on ourselves and the relationship. True love means being better because that is in our nature. If we want to improve, we can never genuinely find the love we all seek in a partner. I believe we can return to how we used to be and find love. But it all starts with looking at what we have and appreciating what we have in life. 

I am not saying that sometimes the relationship is a bad one, one we should discard. But if there is true love between two people, it is worth working on and improving it. You should no longer look for what is better out there when you find that one person. We must celebrate what we have and appreciate good people when we have them because, at the end of the day, if we cannot see what we have, we will always be looking. And you cannot find love if you are always looking. Thoughts?