Commitment or unattached?

One way to see a difference between love and lust is whether or not there is a commitment. Commitment means in some form or fashion that the two people involved who love each other are committed to each other, growing and learning together. When there is no commitment, it means one or both people are unattached and that does not create love. Lust is when people are unattached. Lust is all about self gratifications. Lust means unattached to the other. What makes love and lust sometimes hard to figure out is that they can be one-sided. This means that one of the two people is in love and the other is in lust. This can create issues between the two people. True love involves both partners who are in love with each other and have a sense of commitment to each other. It is two-directional. This is important to understand.

When you are in love but are not sure if it is two-directional, my suggestion is to look at how the other person is with you. Are they committed to you or are they unattached? Love is a wonderful thing and true love is worth all the money in the world. But the key to true love is that both parties are in love with each other.

And commitment does not mean marriage necessarily, commitment means that the two people have an understating between each other that they are in it for just each other to help further each other’s passions and help them grow and become the best versions of themselves. That these two people are in it for the good times and the hard times, that their bond is unbreakable because true love trumps everything. A ring means nothing if true commitment is not there. That is how I see true commitment.